How to Start an Indoor Garden At Home (Beginners Guide)

This is the beginner’s guide where you can learn how to Produce fresh vegetable fruits at home. Even if you don’t have advanced knowledge learn step by step how to start indoor gardening. So let’s get started with the Basic Tips and Tricks.

Selecting Your plant and seed for your garden


The First step for Indoor Garden is to select the right plant or seed you wanna grow. Basically growing herbs and micro-greens are the best choice for indoor Garden. You can buy plants from Plant Nursery or you can buy seeds from a local store. Buying Seeds is the cheap option you can go with. However, Buying plants from Nursery saves some time as it is already germinated from the seed.

If you’re are a beginner try planting tress like, easy to grow herbs ( Lettuce, Basil )and micro-greens (Coriander, mint, etc). These herbs are easy to grow and best for people who just started indoor Gardening.

Collecting Containers and preparing it


When you grow seeds or her indoor you need containers where you can grow those plants. Recycling or Reusing Containers is the best choice. Look for some Plastic medium-size cups which can be 4 inches deep. If you can’t find Cups get some plastic containers. Make sure to create a hole in the bottom. The drainage holes in these Pots/Containers take care of this problem like making a way for the extra water to get away. Also, it helps the air to get in which is beneficial for the root and for the plant to grow healthy.

Dedicate an Indoor Garden Location


Pick a convenient spot in the house for Your Indoor garden. When the seeds are first planted, the most important thing is light. So choosing a location from where your plant can get light is most important. The source of light can me sunlight or even artificial light. If you can’t find a spot where there is sunlight you can choose your spot near the Electrical Bulb.

Preparation the Soil and Planting the Seeds/Plant


After doing these steps put some soil mixed with organic manure. Organic manure can be purchased or can be made by cow dunk compost. Adding Organic have many befit for the plants, they don’t have harmful effects like chemical fertilizers. Preparing the perfect soil is much easier for indoor gardens than their outdoor counterparts because you’re using a lot less space.

Planting the Seed- If you got the seed you can just easily dig half an inch of the soil and put the seed there. After placing the seed cover it with little soil. Now sprinkle some water in it, don’t put an excessive amount of water in it.

Planting the Herb- If you got the herb or the plant from Nursery. You need to remove excess soil from the root area but make sure not to hard the roots. Then dig a hole according to the size of the root and place it carefully. Cover the root with soil and sprinkle some water in it.

Watering the plant wisely


The trickiest part of indoor gardening is giving the plants the right amount of water, without over-watering. Give water to the plant 2 times a day at most and don’t overwater, In conclusion, it may cause the blockage of air to roots and may result to the death of the plant. Keep the soil moist.

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