Grow Tomato Plant At Home (A beginners guide)

The tomato is the edible, red berry of the plant Solanum Lycopersicum, widely known as a tomato plant. It can be grown easily with few steps and easy to handle

It is shiny and smooth. It has many small seeds. It is also very good for your health. Mostly tomatoes are red. It slowly changes color from green to red as it gets ripe, and as it ripes it gets bigger and bigger. There are many different types of tomatoes. Some kinds of tomato turn yellow or orange when they are ripe.

The tomato originates from western South America. The tomato is native to western South America.
The tomato is grown and consumed around the world. It is used in many ways, such as raw in salads or slices, stewed, a part of a wide variety of dishes, or converted into ketchup or tomato soup.


Planting tomatoes is quite easy, they can be easily planted with tomato seeds. Remains of the old plant can act as organic compost.
Growing tomatoes from seed take about seven to eight weeks from sowing to transplanting. Starting seeds indoors too early results in leggy, overgrown seedlings which should be avoided.

Tomatoes are hot-season crops and are usually grown as summer begins. Tomato seeds must be started indoors between March to April. To start, plant the tomato seeds indoors in small pots 2 to 4 inch deep or seed starting trays about ¼ inches deep in fertile soil.

When fertilizing tomato plants, be careful that you don’t use a large quantity of nitrogen. This will result in a lush, green tomato plant with a low number of tomatoes. If you have experienced this problem in the past, you may even want to simply provide phosphorus to the plant instead of a complete fertilizer for tomatoes.

Tomatoes grow exceptionally well in rich organic soil prepared in your home garden by applying horse manure. This natural fertilizer provides nutrients to the tomato plants while improving soil fertility. Composted manure is preferred to fresh for tomato growth and can be added into the soil right before planting in spring.

Consider a fertilizer that has a balanced ratio of the three major elements, such as 10-10-10, or where the middle number (phosphorus) is larger than the first number (nitrogen), such as 2-3-1. Tomatoes need fertilizer unless your soil is very fertile.


Water recently planted tomatoes well to make sure soil is moist and perfect for growing. Early in the growing season, water plants daily in the morning. As temperatures increase, you might need to water tomato plants twice or more a day. Garden tomatoes typically require 1-2 inches of water weekly.

Tomatoes are fast growers that require maximum sun. They will need 7 to 8 hours of sun a day, so plant in the most sunniest part of your garden.

Spray with a splash bait containing pesticides weekly to reduce pest numbers. Place insect exclusion bags or sleeves, which are made from waxed paper or insect netting, over the green fruits to prevent them from pests.


Harvest time for tomatoes can occur at the tip of its season, typically late summer, once the tomatoes area unit at their mature inexperienced stage. Tomatoes harvested before this, like those you purchase at the grocery, have usually been picked before this stage so that they will ripen throughout transport and, thus, have a lesser flavor than those left on the vascular plant a small amount longer.

There is a fine line once choosing tomatoes at the mature inexperienced stage. hunt for the primary light-weight blush of color as associate degree indicator of once to select tomatoes to confirm no loss in their essence.


Tomato is used for prevention against Brest, bladder, cervix, colon and rectum, stomach, lung, ovaries, pancreas, and Prostate Cancers. It is also used in the prevention of diabetes, diseases of the heart, and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease), cataracts, and asthma.

Fresh tomatoes are one of the best natural things to eat. Hope this article helps you to grow tasty tomatoes in your garden.
Thus, my article on Tomatoes comes to a rest.

Keep growing, keep learning and stay healthy

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