Grow NEEM : A plant of wonders with simple steps

Azadirachta indica, usually called margosa, nimtree or Indian lilac, maybe a tree within the mahogany family|rosid dicot family} Meliaceae. it’s one in every of 2 species within the rosid dicot genus, and is native to the Indian landmass. it’s usually grownup in tropical and semi-tropical regions.


The margosa grows on most sorts of soils as well as clayey, saline, and alkalic soils, with pH up to eight.5, however will well on black cotton soil and deep, well-drained soil with sensible sub-soil water.

Planting Seeds


Plant margosa seeds 1/4 to 1/2 an in. deep in individual pots stuffed with the seed-starting combine. The seeds would like an even temperature between sixty-eight and seventy-two degrees physicist to germinate well. Mist the soil with water whenever it starts to dry out throughout germination and growth. you’ll be able to additionally begin seeds outdoors during a nursery bed in heat climates. choose a spot that gets patterned shade to safeguard the seedlings from the direct sun throughout early growth and development.

Planning and preparation for planting :


The planting of margosa plant is sort of simple.
The most common approach of planting margosa is thru margosa seeds, because of its high germination rate they’re simple to plant.

Plant margosa seeds 1/4 to 1/2 an in. deep in individual pots full of the seed-starting combine. The seeds want a standardized temperature between sixty-eight and seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit to germinate well. Mist the soil with water whenever it starts to dry out throughout germination and growth.

Neem tree seeds germinate promptly and have a high germination rate, between seventy-five and ninety %. The seeds germinate and emerge in fourteen to twenty-one days. margosa seeds ought to be planted recent, at intervals four weeks of harvest, and that they do not want any pretreatment before planting. as a result of margosa seeds germinate dependably and quickly, seed planting is that the most typical thanks to propagate a nim tree.



Neem is taken into account general-purpose plant in Republic of India as its recent sticks ar utilized in brushing teeth, leaves to fend of mosquitoes etc.

The utility of this tree is tried by the actual fact that several rural house has this tree close to it.

Products made up of margosa trees are utilized in the normal drugs of the Republic of India for hundreds of years. poor analysis has been done to assess such supposed edges of margosa. In adults, no specific doses are established, and the short use of margosa seems to be safe, whereas long-run use could damage the kidneys or liver.


The antioxidants in margosa ar helpful for reducing animal pigment production of your skin, which helps to even out your skin tone. It additionally reduces the dark spots, blemishes, and any quite redness on your skin. to create a cleansing margosa mask, take regarding twelve leaves of margosa and grind it with water to create a paste.

You can treat skin disorder by victimization margosa because it has anti-bacterial properties that help to fight any quite breakouts and additionally alleviate the pain and itch sensation. to create associate degree anti-acne margosa pack, boil equal amounts of margosa leaves and peel in water. once the peel and leaves become soft, take away them and grind them into a fine paste. to the current margosa and peel paste add touch honey and juice. Apply this gain your face and when twenty minutes wash it off with water. Use this margosa pack double every week to urge acne-free skin.

Extra facts:


Tree: the nim tree is of nice importance for its anti-desertification properties and probably as an honest CO2 sink.

Soap: eightieth of India’s offer of margosa oil now’s utilized by margosa oil soap makers. though a lot of it goes to small-scale specialty soaps, typically victimization cold-pressed oil, large-scale producers additionally use it, in the main as a result of its low cost. in addition it’s medicine and antifungal, soothing, and moisturizing.

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