Grow Lemon in a Pot (A beginners guide)

Lemon additionally known as lemon may be a species of tiny evergreen tree within the spermatophyte rosid dicot family, native to Southern Asia, primarily North jap Bharat.

The tree’s rounded yellow fruit is employed for cooking and non-culinary functions throughout the globe, primarily for its juice, which has each cooking and improvement uses. The pulp and rind are employed in cookery and baking. The juice of the lemon is concerning five-hitter to six acids, with a pH of around two.2, giving it a bitter style. The distinctive bitter style of juice makes it a key ingredient in drinks and foods like fruit drink and lemon topping pie.


Planting a citrus tree is sort of straightforward as they need the smallest maintenance. The first step is planning for the proper growth of plant.

Preparing soil:

Although lemon trees will grow in nearly any soil with sensible emptying, they grow best in loamy or sandy dirt soils. Trees planted in salty, significant clay and high caliche soils suffer problematic and declining growth. Lemons additionally like soil pH levels between five.0 and 7.0.
whereas lemon trees will tolerate a spread of soils, as well as poor soil, most like well-drained, slightly acidic soil.

Choosing seeds:

There square measure differing types of lemon seeds out there within the market you’ll be able to get them on-line as per your preference or from an area nursery.

Another recommendation would be sowing many seeds and choose the strongest plants to grow on into a replacement tree.

The first step in growing lemon seeds is to pick out an honest tasting, juicy lemon. Plant many lemon seeds concerning ½ in. (1 cm.) deep to extend the prospect for lemon seed propagation. Moisten the soil gently for best results.


Lemon plants need watering once every week simply to dampish the therefore excess water will hurt you lemon plant so water simply enough to moist the soil to not wet it.

Lemons grow best in soils that square measure dampish however not soggy. Water your tree each seven to ten days throughout the summer, providing it with four to six inches of water monthly. enable the soil around mature trees to partly dry between waterings.

Planting location:

Lemon trees need protection from frost. Growing them close to the house ought to facilitate synergize with this. Lemon trees additionally need full daylight for adequate growth. whereas lemon trees will tolerate a spread of soils, as well as poor soil, most like well-drained, slightly acidic soil.

Manure and fertilizers:

Fertilizer for a citrus tree ought to be high in atomic {number 7|chemical element|element|gas} and will not have any number within the formula above eight (8-8-8).

Good soils improved with well-rotted cow manure, potash, blood, and bone, or one or two of garden lime every year can turn out regular and reliable crops.


Pruning ought to involve removing unhealthy, unwanted, and poorly positioned branches however minimize the loss of healthy foliage. the simplest time to prune is shortly once harvested in winter to early spring before bud break.

The time from flowering to reap is dependent on a bunch of conditions, as well as the lemon tree’s cultural conditions, out of doors temperatures, the number of lemons made, and also the variety being grownup, however typically takes anyplace from four months to 1 year.

Thus my article on lemons involves a rest. Hope the following pointers assist you to provide tasty lemons.

When life offers you a lemon, build a lemonade


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