Grow Carrot At Home easily (A beginners guide)

carrot may be a vegetable, sometimes orange and slightly carmine, although purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars conjointly exist. they’re a domesticated sort of the wildflower, wildflower, native to Europe and South Asia. The plant most likely originated in Persia and was originally cultivated for its leaves and seeds.

The carrot may be a biennial plant within the umbelliferous plant family, Apiaceae. Initially, it grows a rosette of leaves whereas growing up the enlarged taproot. aggressive cultivars mature inside 3 months (90 – ninety-five days) of sowing the seed, whereas slower-maturing cultivars would like a month longer (120 – one hundred thirty days). These taproots contain high quantities of alpha- and carotene, and square measure a sensible supply of naphthoquinone and B complex.


Planting carrots square measure quite straightforward as they need bottom maintenance and care.

Choosing seeds:

Their square measure kinds|differing types|differing kinds} of carrots counting on what type you wish to plant. you’ll obtain carrot seeds from a nursery or on-line. For amateurs, you’ll plant Blunt-tipped urban center as they’re the simplest for many curtilage gardeners to grow.

Or Kuroda carrots, they are characterized by massive, stubby, red-orange taproots and square measure one in every of the sweetest carrots.

Planting location:

The carrot plant grows a lot of foliage than root. though they do not would like full sun exposure, they have between six to eight hours of direct daylight daily. So, inserting your carrots in a very partly shaded space is the best option.

Preparing or selecting soil:

The soil bed should be twelve in. deep and make certain there aren’t any rocks, stones, or perhaps soil clumps that would limit your carrots’ growth.
Avoid amending the soil with nitrogen-rich material like manure and chemical, which might cause carrots to fork and grow very little facet roots creating the carrot less sweet and ugly. Instead, add previous settlings.
If your ground soil is serious clay or too rocky, you must think about planting carrots in a very raised bed a minimum of twelve inches deep and crammed with O wealthy, loamy soil.


Carrots square measure adult from seed and might take up to three-four months (120 days) to mature, however, most cultivars mature inside seventy to eighty days underneath the optimum conditions. They grow best full sun however tolerate some shade. The optimum temperature is seventeen to twenty-two °C (64 to 74°F). the best soil is deep, loose and well-drained, sandy or loamy, with a hydrogen ion concentration of half-dozen.3 to 6.8.

The first main trick with carrot seeds is to sow them shallowly then maintaining the wetness therein prime layer of soil till they germinate.

Carrots need a low quantity of watering as less as one in. in a very week if you’re farming on a very massive scale a drip water system is elective for it.

Don’t use recent manure or excess gas on carrots. this may cause roots to become forked, split, and rough or furry.


To harvest, loosen the soil around the carrot with a spade or trowel before propulsion up from the stem; this may facilitate avoid breaking the greens removed from the carrot roots. Carrots mature roughly around the same time, however, you do not get to harvest all quickly. deed them within the soil is that the best preservation.

Carrots left within the ground too long are a bit, woody, and will crack. examine roots throughout storage and take away people who begin to decay.

In Bharat carrots square measure employed in a range of the way, as salads or as vegetables additional to spicy rice or decalitre dishes. a well-liked variation in north Bharat is that the Gajar Hindu deity Halwa carrot sweet, that has carrots grated to little items counting on the preference and lyonnaise in milk till the total mixture is solid, when that bats and butter square measure additional and served.

Thus, my article on Carrots: My favorite vegetable involves rest. Hope the following tips might assist you in planting and manufacturing delicious carrots.

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