Grow Aloevera: Nature’s medicine (in a pot)

Aloe vera could be a medicative plant that is been accustomed to treat varied health conditions for thousands of years. It has always safe to use additionally vera directly from the plant otherwise you should buy it in gel type.


Aloe vera has several medicative uses. It helps in action in the main skin issues.
It is found in several client products together with beverages, skin lotion, cosmetics. But contemporary aloe vera gel is best.


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You can get an aloe vera plant from a nursery.
Go up a minimum of a pot size or two – from 4″ to 6″ or 8″ to 12″. burn plant produces loads of pups once it’s happy & healthy & desires area to unfold.
The bigger the pot, the more room plant has to grow.

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When growing burn plant plants, plant them in an exceedingly succulent potting soil combine or a daily potting soil that has been amended with extra perlite or building sand. Also, confirm that the pot has many evacuation holes. burn plant plants cannot tolerate standing water.


Aloe vera desires a well-drained compost, thus either add additional grit to a John Innes Compost or, higher still, use a compost specifically suggested for cacti and succulents.


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Aloe plants want concerning six hours of direct sunlight; but, take care as a result of like a shot moving an succulent plant from a shady space to direct sun will cause AN succulent plant to sunburn. Water burn plant plants deeply, however sometimes. To discourage rot, enable the soil to dry a minimum of one to two inches deep between waterings. do not let your plant sit in water. Watering should be considered every three weeks and even a lot of throughout the winter.


Aloe leaves ought to grow upward, off from the bottom of the plant. If the leaves area unit lying flat, your succulent most likely have meager lightweight. though it’ll flip brown with an excessive amount of lightweight, it still desires an honest quantity of sunshine. If the leaves area unit was skinny and curled, you almost certainly aren’t watering your succulent enough.

Trim off any leaf tips or whole leaves that have turned pinkish-brown. These elements area unit dying, thus removing them helps the succulent plant keep healthy and inexperienced.

And there you’ve got it
“Nature’s medication in a pot”.

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